Home Use Episodes - Purchase on DVD

Home Use episodes - Purchase on DVD


The interview series, Roots & Branches is one of my very first video projects. We shot it in the television studio of a junior college, in the days when VHS tapes were the standard! The interview subjects are fascinating people from very diverse backgrounds, and I have enlivened the interviews with additional images: family photos, video of dance and music, trips to the guests' home or place of business. Although intended primarily for classroom use to supplement instruction about cultural and ethnic diversity, they will also be of interest to people wanting to learn about the wonderful, cultural richness with which we are surrounded. Each episode is about 30 minutes long. You can purchase individual episodes, or a selection of 7. I am currently re-working several episodes and expect to soon have a selection of 10 available as well...then even more, later on down the line.

Roots & Branches series of 7 DVDs episode #3, #4, #5, #6, #9, #10, #14   #1 Anne Austin   #2 Dr. Helen Carr Benjamin   #3 Dr. Ali Ferdowsi & Shahrzad Khorsandi   #4 Pam Fingado
#5 Louiza Gueorguieva & Maria Mihaylova   #6 Rubén Guzmán   #7 Fred Davis Jackson   #8 Gurbux Khalon   #9 Letitia Moore, Esq.
#10 Ashley Phillips   #11 Sani Rifati   #12 Ray Soungpanya & Bouaphet Sygnavong   #13 Hershell West   #14 Yang Xiong
#15 Carola Zertuche   Roots & Branches series of 13 DVDs